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looking for serious results? CREA 4™ is designed to deliver high creatine concentrations in the muscle all day long! The effects have been shown to be 750% greater than ordinary creatine products in building muscle size and increasing strength in the gym! Stack with Alpha Drive or F 5 or even better results!


Creatine HCL dramatically increases muscle cell volumization, this causes an anabolic response telling the muscle cell to increase in size.

Creatine Hydrochloride (hcl) will Cause:

Increased Strength and Power

Increased Muscle Mass

Increased workout capacity and recuperation


Originally developed as a cardio protective compound. Creatinol O Phosphate or COP has been found to have beneficial implications for heavily trained individuals, bodybuilders & athletes. Do not confuse with Creatine, although their benefits are similar and if taken together they can even work synergistically these compounds are not one in the same!

Supports Strength Gains

Help buffer lactic acid & promote training performance

Improves anaerobic glycolysis(anaerobic catabolism of glucose)

Promote faster recovery

Creatine Monohydrate

To understand how creatine monohydrate works you first need to know what ATP is and what it does. ATP is the immediate source of energy for muscle contraction. Muscle fibers only contain enough ATP to power a few twitches, additional ATP must be drawn from the body’s ATP “pool”. Creatine monohydrate is converted into creatine phosphate in the body to keep the ATP pool filled.

What does this mean in the real world? Having a good reservoir of ATP available may help you lift heavier weights for more reps by providing your muscles with enough the fast-converting energy it needs for maximum performance. You’ll often hear this referred to as “explosive energy”.

Benefits of Creatine Monohydrate

Now that you understand how creatine monohydrate works you can probably already see some of the benefits of using it. Here’s a list of the possible benefits of taking creatine for someone who is doing intense resistance training (weight training) or a sport which requires high amounts of instant energy (for example a sprinter).

Enhanced muscle mass/strength

Increased muscle energy availability

Increased power output (more sets/reps)

Weight gain

Enhanced recovery after exercise

Russian Tarragon ( Enhanced Delivery System)

A study published in Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition [4] described that administered creatine monohydrate (Creapure™) disappeared from blood stream faster after 1000 mg of Russian Tarragon extract was ingested. Russian tarragon administration resulted in a significant reduction of plasma creatine levels at 60, 90 and 120 min, in comparison to placebo

It has been shown that rising insulin levels by ingesting high amounts of glucose (and/or protein) in combination with creatine increases its uptake into muscles[4]. That technique is not always desired by athletes due to high caloric load.

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